How to Resync Your PostgreSQL Database Pointer

Correcting an out-of-sync database pointer will resolve a PostgreSQL UniqueViolation error
By Dana Jones

If you’re working with PostgreSQL and you’ve recently gotten a UniqueViolation error, you may just need to correct an out-of-synce database pointer.

Why We Support the Seamless Accelerator

Mentoring and partnering up with IoT startups
By Sasha Wolff

West Michigan is home to the Seamless Accelerator, an initiative that aims to bring IoT startup ideas to market. Once component to the accelerator is resource partners like Collective Idea.

A Sense of Place

Why we're in Holland, Michigan
By Daniel Morrison

Out of all the places in the world we can set up shop to do software development, we’re in Holland, Michigan and thriving.

I Shared My Password Over Email

You'll Never Guess What Happened Next!
By Sasha Wolff
If you’ve ever needed to share a password before, don’t share them over email. Instead, here are a few options to check out.

Wyatt: The simple way to generate RSpec tests

This friendly Siberian Husky will take the pain out of RSpec tests
By Denise Carpenter

As software developers, we like to work smarter, not harder. If you’re looking for a smarter way to generate RSpec tests, check out Wyatt.