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Simple Cocoa Configuration Using Swift Structures

Apple’s introduction of Swift to the Cocoa development toolbox has created a buzz amongst Cocoaheads. The language is flexible and lends itself to new patterns which traditionally Objective-C programmers are excited about. I got excited about a pattern that emerged while working on a new version of the Dead Man’s Snitch iOS app:* using Swift structs to store application configuration information*.

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0 Comments – By Chris Rittersdorf on October 01, 2014

How we write a Gemfile

Tips on how we like to organize Gemfiles and keep it clean.

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3 Comments – By Daniel Morrison on September 17, 2014

has_and_belongs_to_many Isn't Dead!

People are under the impression that HABTM relationships are deprecated because of the newer Has Many Through relationship. Both are good, and both have their place, but HABTM is still valid, vibrant, and useful!

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0 Comments – By Daniel Morrison on August 11, 2014

Time to Bring Back Fixtures

Fixtures are great tools that have been sadly overlooked for a long time in the Rails world. Lets start using them again.

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13 Comments – By Jason Roelofs on August 06, 2014

Why Isn't Ruby Rescuing My Exception?

By default, Ruby only rescues subclasses of StandardError to allow the really bad stuff to halt your program.

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1 Comment – By Brian Hempel on August 05, 2014

Recommended Security Setup for AWS

Amazon Web Services runs an every growing percentage of the Internet, which means AWS accounts are more so a target of those-we-will-not-name. This post outlines the recommended minimal setup we at Collective Idea now apply to every Amazon account to ensure sufficient security.

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0 Comments – By Jason Roelofs on July 15, 2014

Finding MIA Cursor in iTerm

Have you ever been distracted while working in terminal and lost your cursor? Then, once you focus your attention back to your work, had to scan frantically and repeatedly through a mass of text for the small, blinking rectangle? iTerm has a sweet new feature that lets you zero in on the location of your cursor letting you find it quickly and efficiently. Just press Command-/ and your screen fades around your MIA cursor. The longer you hold down the keys, the more drastic the contrast between the fading and the location of your cursor, pinpointing you to its exact location!

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0 Comments – By Maria Eguiluz on June 13, 2014

DNS, ELBs, ANAMEs, and TTLs, Oh My!

We had an issue this morning with Dead Man’s Snitch which led to some surprising issues with ANAME DNS records.

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0 Comments – By Daniel Morrison on May 08, 2014

On Documentation-Driven Development

I love designing and developing APIs. In building a great API, the design and development processes demand equal attention. The problem is that popular development approaches don’t emphasize the design process. You may be familiar with the concepts of “test-driven development” and “behavior-driven development”, but let’s talk about the lesser-known concept of “documentation-driven development”.

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4 Comments – By Steve Richert on April 21, 2014

Segmentation faults on Travis CI caused by libxml-ruby

If ruby is segmentation faulting on Travis CI, try updating libxml

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0 Comments – By David Genord II on April 18, 2014

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