How We Work: Space

A look at the Collective Idea workspace.
By Daniel Morrison

Our space is a bit different than many office, but is a reflection of how we work.

Creating a Mentally Healthy Work Environment

There is more to the workplace than just the four walls of the office.
By Sasha Wolff

There are a number of things an employer can do to create and foster a happy and healthy workforce.

3 Excellent Reasons to Try Green Commuting

Time to green up your commute!
By Sasha Wolff

Air pollution is a problem that affects everyone.

GitHub's Price Hike and Why We're OK With It

Three simple steps that can help save money with GitHub's new pricing
By Daniel Morrison

GitHub is changing their prices for organizations. Here’s why you should stop worrying.

Pitfalls of a Legacy iOS Project

How to avoid the unexpected when working on old iOS code
By Chris Rittersdorf

What seemed like a simple-reskinning turned into a much more involved project. It’s codebase that’s sat dormant for a few years, and that posed difficulty finishing tasks in the time we originally thought it would.

The following covers a few of the lessons we learned. That way you can be aware of pitfalls the next time you have to update a legacy iOS application.