Photo from Unsplash.

Fun with SVG: Embedding in CSS

By Matt Slack

You can embed readable SVGs inside of CSS. Really. Updated with better Firefox support.

ILuminate at Grace Hopper Conference

By Victoria Gonda

Iluminate uses a combination of dance and technology to create stunning performances. Their use of wireless light technology on dark costumes creates an incredible show.

Get Notified If You Forget to Visit a Website

By Spencer Toth

How to create a free website monitor that alerts you when you forget to visit any website.

Internet Land Grab 2.0

The Fulcrum Lottery
By Jon Stokes

You’ve probably read that WhatsApp hit 900 million users with only 50 engineers. That’s not quite the whole story. Thinking of the effective size of the company’s engineering team is a useful reminder of what really matters.

Inside The Machine v2.0: Coming Soon With More ARM

By Jon Stokes

I’m working on a second edition of my book, and I’ll be doing all the work in a public github repo. The new edition will also replace PowerPC with ARM.