BitCamp GR at Collective Idea

Dream, Code, Create... in our office space.
By Laura Mosher

We are very excited to be hosting our very first BitCamp GR event this weekend in conjunction with Hope College Computer Science Department.

How to Create a Trending Hashtag

The story of #TrumpBookReports
By Daniel Morrison

During the third and final Presidential Debate, the hashtag #TrumpBookReport was trending on Twitter. Turns out, I created this hashtag sensation, and I can teach you my tricks.

Retrofitting Espresso

How to get Espresso to wait for RxJava's background schedulers
By Joshua Kovach

You don’t need an `IdlingResource`, and `sleep()` is fickle. Make Espresso wait for your observables running on background schedulers with this one cool trick!

Your User Can’t Click Your Floating Action Button

And you can fix it in one line
By Victoria Gonda

An easy way to make your Android app’s main action more accessible for people using screen readers.

Bundler's Multiple Source Security Vulnerability

How Bundler is broken and what you can do about it
By Steve Richert

While working on a project, I discovered a major security vulnerability that affects all stable versions of Bundler.