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Testing an Uploaded File in Rspec

Uploading a file without actually uploading it
By Victoria Gonda

Sometime you need to test how your code handles an uploaded file, but you don’t want to upload it in your test. Luckily, there’s an easy way to handle this.

Solutions to Potential Upgrade Problems in Rails 5

Don't be surprised by some of the newest changes in Rails' latest upgrade
By Jason Roelofs

The Rails 5 upgrade has a few changes that may cause confusion. We look at how to get around the disabling of autoloading and look at the new deprecation warnings.

Keep Your Certificates Current Using Your Test Suite

By Daniel Morrison

How can our test suite tell us when a certificate expires? We’ll show you.

Fixing Intermittent Failing Tests

Some tricks to help you fix tests that sometimes fail
By Daniel Morrison

Some tricks to help you fix tests that sometimes fail.

Mocking HTML5 API's Using PhantomJS Extensions

Geolocation API
By Ryan Glover

Recently one of our projects called for using the browser’s Geolocation API. We were excited about this project. However, we had an immediate concern about how to test a feature that interacts with one of the browser’s built in APIs.

Language Matters

By Keith Gaddis

Last week the Ruby and Rails twitterverse had an eruption of debate on the choice of testing frameworks. My thoughts come down to this: language matters.