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Sometimes, we get to release our products to the world. We like this. Here are some of our favorites you should check out, experience and join.

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Harmony is a powerful web-based platform for creating and managing websites. It helps connect developers with content editors, for unprecedented flexibility and simplicity. Try it. You’ll love building websites again.

Harmony powers this site and many others.

Read more in our blog announcement.

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Dead Man's Snitch

Ever have a periodic task like a nightly backup or monthly email fail and not realize it until it was too late? Dead Man’s Snitch is here to let you know when your tasks don’t run so you can fix them quickly.

DMS monitors cron jobs and background tasks for Harmony and many of our clients.

Read more in our blog announcement.

Icon of Downside


Most of us are used to staring at our phones instead of talking to the people in the room. Downside makes a game out of keeping your hands off your phone.

The game finds people in the same physical space as you and you can quickly create a game with anyone around without having to be friends on any kind of social network. Once you’re in a game, everyone flips their phones face down and the game begins. As soon as you pick it up, you lose.

Download it today free on the App Store

Icon of Tenn Pinn

Tenn Pinn

Tenn Pinn is a simple way to improve your game and become a better bowler. Record the score of your games through a simple and straightforward process, get an at-a-glance view of how you bowled using automatically calculated averages, and see your averages graphed over time!

Icon of Political Sign Wars

Political Sign Wars

Built with our partners, GOTV Technologies, Political Sign Wars helps campaigns track their yard signs and makes their ground game more effective. From the campaign office, to field teams on mobile devices, we make it easy to keep track of signs to make campaigns run smoother.

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Collaboration makes everything better. It’s the American way. You know, the melting pot and all. But this isn’t a history lesson—unless you want it to be. And it’s not only for Americans, either. keeps you and all your collaborators (colleagues, spouses, the local historical society) accountable to each other. is a collaborative to-do list for work, home and life. Delegate tasks. Receive tasks. Complete tasks. Let’s do this.

Icon of Microformats for Google Chrome

Microformats for Google Chrome

A Google Chrome extension (formerly known as Michromeformats) which displays any microformats on the page. Supports hCard, hCalendar, hReview, hRecipes and geo.

Export cards to *.vcf or events to *.ics files to add to Address Book or iCal. Or, add a card to your Google Contacts.

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Mooches, cheapskates, hoarders, anti-hoarders and environmentalists are just some of the types of people who love BlueBin. This is a re-user’s community. Get rid of old stuff without dumping it in a landfill. Get free stuff from others who don’t want it anymore. Receive notifications of free stuff available in your area.

Read the feature article from RapidGrowth.

Icon of YardVote


For the 2008 Presidential election, we quickly built a site to report locations of political yard signs. Watching the data roll in and identifying neighborhood trends was a lot of fun, and we plan to make it even more exciting for the 2010 midterm election season.

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