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Testing an Uploaded File in Rspec

Uploading a file without actually uploading it
By Victoria Gonda

Sometime you need to test how your code handles an uploaded file, but you don’t want to upload it in your test. Luckily, there’s an easy way to handle this.

Troubleshooting Feature Specs

or how I learned about Database Cleaner
By Allison McMillan

Figuring out why your feature tests are failing can be difficult, especially when setting up the first few tests in the codebase.

Retrofitting Espresso

How to get Espresso to wait for RxJava's background schedulers
By Joshua Kovach

You don’t need an IdlingResource, and sleep() is fickle. Make Espresso wait for your observables running on background schedulers with this one cool trick!

Stubbing your Android Intents

Know your intent was sent without the Activity opening
By Victoria Gonda

When we stub an intent, we are able to intercept it so the intent is never sent to the system, and specify how it should respond. This can be helpful in your Android tests when you need to know if an intent was sent, but you don’t actually need the Activity to start. This can be accomplished by using espresso-intents.

Testing for Android Intents Using Espresso

By Victoria Gonda

Using espresso-intents for testing Android Activity Intents

Fixing Intermittent Failing Tests

Some tricks to help you fix tests that sometimes fail
By Daniel Morrison

Some tricks to help you fix tests that sometimes fail.

Cucumber exiting with 0 on failure?

Now what?
By David Genord II

Check your at_exit callbacks.

Are your Google Tags Installed Correctly?

By Spencer Toth

Often, people are left unsure if their Google tags have been installed correctly on their website. This simple tool helps troubleshoot installation of tracking codes and tags to see if yours are working correctly, or better yet, to see if you’re being tracked.

Mocking HTML5 API's Using PhantomJS Extensions

Geolocation API
By Ryan Glover

Recently one of our projects called for using the browser’s Geolocation API. We were excited about this project. However, we had an immediate concern about how to test a feature that interacts with one of the browser’s built in APIs.

Debugging Firefox Failures on Travis

By Jason Roelofs

When strange failures are plaguing Firefox during Travis CI test runs, get a hold of Travis Support, they’ll help you out!

Becoming a Rubyist

By Jonathan Pichot

I joined Collective Idea six months ago. In that time, I’ve had the chance to throw myself into a new language. Just like learning a new spoken language, learning a new programming language means learning a new way of thinking. Here are some of my reflections on becoming a Rubyist.

Clicking any element with Cucumber and Capybara

By Brandon Keepers

We’ve been testing a lot of Javascript heavy apps these days with Cucumber and Capybara, and sometimes you just need to click on something that isn’t a button or a link.

Stop lying.

By Keith Gaddis

“I don’t have time to test” seems to be somewhat of a recurring theme in hurried projects. Stop lying to yourself—and your clients.