A Different Approach to Gem Development

Not too long ago, I had the idea to write a gem (as I often do) to wrap elasticsearch with some smart conventions for Active Model. First step: name the gem.

After considering “stretchy,” “rubberband,” “fuzzy” and “elastic,” I took a look at “search.” I figured it was a long shot. Alas, it was taken. But taking another look, it only ever had a version 0.0.1 and hadn’t had a commit in five years. After much maneuvering with the several owners, I snagged it!

Then it hit me. A heavy sense of responsibility. This is a great gem name with great potential. Maybe there’s a better direction for the gem than what I was considering. What I need is a core team!

So I’ve opened it up to the public. Anyone interested in guiding the direction and development of the search gem is welcome to submit their interest in joining the core team. I have my own ideas on what the gem should do but want to get a good cross section of ideas and talents to help inform that decision.

I’m asking that team members commit to support, maintain and develop the Search library, whatever that might be. No experience necessary. If you’re interested, let me know!

Otherwise, please leave your ideas for Search in the comments.