Bang Bang: Drumming the nulls from your code

Handling null when converting from Java to Kotlin
By Victoria Gonda

When converting Java code to Kotlin code, there’s a good chance you’ll see a bunch of double bang operators. Rather than leaving these to error, you want to make these places null safe. Here we discuss some options to handle null in Kotlin.

How We Develop Mobile Applications - Pt 4 - Android

Unit testing out MVP architecture
By Victoria Gonda and Joshua Kovach

Learn to use Model-View-Presenter to define and test application behavior independent of the Android framework.

GraphQL + Relay Modern + Rails

The path of least resistance
By Jon Stokes

Are you a Rails developer looking to take the next step? Here’s how to add Relay, GraphQL and Relay on top of your favorite web framework.

My 360|AnDev Review 2017

By Victoria Gonda

360AnDev is an amazing Android conference that takes place in beautiful Denver, CO. Here’s a collection of highlights of the 2017 event.

Kotlin Uncovered: Part 5

Learning about Kotlin extension functions through decompilation
By Victoria Gonda

We can learn a lot about Kotlin through decompiling the bytecode into Java. In this post we’ll learn about extension functions, and how they work under the hood.