Photo © AJS Pimentel. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Keep Your Certificates Current Using Cron & Dead Man's Snitch

By Daniel Morrison

A rethinking of a 2015 post to keep certificates current. Now using cron and Dead Man’s Snitch.

Part 3: ARKit Wall and Plane Detection for iOS 11.3

By Ben Lambert

Over the course of this series, we’ve been talking about ARKit wall and plane detection. Now that we can visualize our detected planes, we’re going to place 3D objects on them.

Sketch Plugins, Baby!

By Patrick O'Dell

At Collective Idea we use Sketch for wireframing and UI design. That’s not all we use though. One of our designers breaks down his current favorite plugins.

Batch downloading analytic events from Google Analytics

By Jason Carpenter

Recording Google Analytics ‘events’ on the fly can be an unnecessarily heavy load for your server. One way to fix that though is by sending the ‘events’ to GA and then batch downloading them in a weekly job.

Unpacking opportunities behind tech buzzwords: IoT

By Daniel Morrison

You’ve heard of IoT, but do you know what it is really? We’ll share a few ways it is being used in the home, business, and the classrooms.