Using Tmuxinator to automate your environment

How to maintain your sanity when dealing with complex environments
By Troy Spruit

How to use Tmux and Tmuxinator to automate the creation of complex environments such as service oriented architectures.

Here's Where Collective Idea Will Be Over the Next Few Months

Catch us if you can
By Sasha Wolff

We’re participating in or attending conferences and events all around the country. See when and if we’ll be in a city near you!

Common sense UI design

Tips on how to develop a better interface based on your users
By Melissa Bazany

Do you want to make your web designs seem familiar to your users? Check out some not so obvious ideas that can contribute to an easier to use interface for your website or application.

Containers, Docker, and Kubernetes Part 2

What is Kubernetes and how does it make containerized infrastructure easy?
By Jason Roelofs

You want to take the next step and move to containers, but still have some questions that Docker doesn’t answer? Take a look at Kubernetes, the container orchestration tool from Google!

Finding Productivity by Abandoning the Traditional To-Do List

Freeing myself from the shackles of the traditional to-do list.
By Brian Ryckbost

There are a number of tools and methods out there that help to manage your day. Here’s a look at what works best for me, and it doesn’t include the traditional to do list.