What's in a Templating Language, Part 1

By Jason Roelofs

Templating languages are ubiquitous across software languages and ecosystems. There are so many to choose from, covering many different use cases and requirements, but have you ever wondered what it takes to build one? Using Shopify’s Liquid as a comparison case, I’m starting a new learning experiment to understand how these tools work and what it takes to implement them. This journey will see us diving into lexers, parsers, compilers, and evaluation, combining data with a template to produce a final document.

Virtual Town Hall Tools

By Allison McMillan

With a partially remote team and a meeting that requires full participation, here’s how we create a positive experience for everyone involved

Dead Man's Snitch is a ProgrammableWeb 2017 Noteable API

By Mac Fowler

Dead Man’s Snitch was recently included in a list of notable and interesting APIs for app development and DevOps engineers. It’s always a great opportunity to be included and highlight along side other great modern platforms.

The Power of Animated Gifs

By Laura Mosher

Collective Idea loves animated gifs. We use them in nearly every form of communication we use on a regular basis. It was only a matter of time until we found a new use for animated gifs that brings value to our clients, customers, and development teams.

Navigating your options when you need to grow your software team

By Andrew Bredow

When you’re building out a digital product and you need additional help, do you hire in-house or go with an outside consultant. We’ll look at the pros and cons of each decision.