Join Us for Tulip Time

By Sasha Wolff

We’re inviting all of our friends and family to join us during Tulip Time. Our office is open for you to come co-work for the day!

Turning the Train into My Mobile Office

By Laura Mosher

Collective Idea encourages everyone to work where they are most productive; whether that means at home, a coffee shop, the office, co-working space, or train.

Celebrating Our Newly Expanded Office Space

By Daniel Morrison

This past year we expanded our office space and our team. We held a Grand Opening party to celebrate.

A Sense of Place

By Daniel Morrison

Out of all the places in the world we can set up shop to do software development, we’re in Holland, Michigan and thriving.

How We Work: Space

By Daniel Morrison

Our space is a bit different than many offices, but is a reflection of how we work.

Creating a Mentally Healthy Work Environment

By Sasha Wolff

There are a number of things an employer can do to create and foster a happy and healthy workforce.

3 Excellent Reasons to Try Green Commuting

By Sasha Wolff

Air pollution is a problem that affects everyone. So to help combat the problem, we tried green commuting for a week. Here are our top tips!

Walk Through the Collective Idea Office

We’re in the middle of expanding our office in located in Downtown Holland. Before we unveil the office it its entirety, check out our previous [i] space in 3D!

Bicycle Fleet

By Daniel Morrison

We’re launching a fleet of bicycles from our office!

So We Bought a Printer

By Daniel Morrison

After doing a bit of boring research, we bought a printer. Here’s hoping this helps someone in the same boat!

Building Office 2.0

By Daniel Morrison

A little peek behind the scenes about how we built out our new office.

Office 2.0

By Daniel Morrison

We’ve officially move to our new office, and have lots to share on the process.

On Stand-Up Desks

By Daniel Morrison

We have been using stand-up desks almost exclusively for over a year. Some thoughts and tips.

On an Agile Space

By Daniel Morrison

Our workspace helps us work, and for the first time we have one of our own.