Walk Through the Collective Idea Office

Growing our physical space

Blueprints photo © Wolfram Burner under Creative Commons license. https://www.flickr.com/photos/wolframburner/3677178467

We’re finishing expanding our office space! We moved into half of our floor in 2012. It’s a great space, but we needed more room after adding more than a few people over the years. To fit everyone, we’ve taken over the entire 4th floor of the building. We’ll have a lot more to share about that expansion in the coming weeks.

Before we began, we had a 3D walkthrough made of our space, along with the empty new portion. We think it’s pretty cool so we thought we’d share it here. Check it out!

Or view it full screen.

This was our world, warts and all. Check back as we reveal our Office 2.5.