How We Work: Space

By Daniel Morrison

Our space is a bit different than many offices, but is a reflection of how we work.

Walk Through the Collective Idea Office

We’re in the middle of expanding our office in located in Downtown Holland. Before we unveil the office it its entirety, check out our previous [i] space in 3D!

So We Bought a Printer

By Daniel Morrison

After doing a bit of boring research, we bought a printer. Here’s hoping this helps someone in the same boat!

Desks 2.0

By Steve Richert

At Collective Idea, we’re hard at work moving into a bigger, new and improved office space. We have big plans for the space, including refinished hardwood floors, Flor carpet, Nest thermostats and more. But before all the bells and whistles, we need to be able to… work.

Building Office 2.0

By Daniel Morrison

A little peek behind the scenes about how we built out our new office.

Office 2.0

By Daniel Morrison

We’ve officially move to our new office, and have lots to share on the process.