May 2018

Getting Ready for GDPR at Collective Idea

By Sasha Wolff

Even though we’re an American company, the newly instituted GDPR affects how we collect data. Here are a few tweaks we made to Google Analytics for GDPR compliance.

We're Green Commuters and We Cannot Lie

By Sasha Wolff

It’s that time of year again when we compete against other businesses in the area to get in the most Green Commute Miles over a week long period. Here’s what we did and what we learned along the way.

Part 2: ARKit Wall and Plane Detection for iOS 11.3

By Ben Lambert

We’re using ARKit wall and plane detection for iOS 11.3. After detecting a plane, we can add an SCNPlane with a grid texture to visualize it better.

Working with JavaScript Objects

By Joshua Kovach

TIL that when you have a plain object and store instance variables on it, you’re actually setting a class variable across all instances. Here’s how to fix that.