The Very First KotlinConf

By Victoria Gonda

JetBrains held its first KotlinConf, and it was a huge success. With 1200 attendees, it was a great conference to both attend and speak at. There was much to learn about the language and how it is being used.

The truth about our Open Source

By Allison McMillan

Speaking at All Things Open made me think about our open source software, where we’re at, and where we’re going at Collective Idea

When Strange Loop Makes Your Brain Melt

By Allison McMillan

Continued learning is hard and sometimes conferences, which should help with that, can be demoralizing. Here are some tips to let them empower you and not make you feel inadequate.

Write/Speak/Code: A Conference For Doers

By Allison McMillan

Conferences are great for learning and networking but the Write/Speak/Code conference encourages attendees to be doers on top of being participants. Learn one, Do one, Teach one.

Side Effects of Code Review

By Victoria Gonda

Code reviews are helpful for maintaining code quality and exchanging knowledge. They can also be a way to boost confidence and provide another meta way of educating.

Lessons to Continue Learning When it Comes to Software Development

By Joanie Davis

When working in software development, you learn new things almost constantly. Sometimes you learn the same lessons more than once. Using the story of a recent pairing session, I outline the most important lessons I’ve learned this summer as an intern at Collective Idea.

Where you can find Collective Idea this fall

By Sasha Wolff

Collective Idea encourages all of it’s employees to take on professional development opportunities whenever possible. Here are a few conferences we’ll be at over the next couple of months and we hope to meet up with you!

Coming Out of My Shell at RailsConf2017

By Denise Carpenter

I’m rather new to the world of software development. It’s something I truly enjoy and continue to dig deeper into. Just recently I had the opportuity to go to my first software conference, which was RailsConf 2017. Here’s my experience.

Program Like a Dancer

By Victoria Gonda

The art of dancing and the act of programming are quite similar. How so? It’s the way both dancers and programmers respond to feedback.

A New Way of Learning

By Victoria Gonda

Looking back, I now know there are a lot of that can’t be learned from a book or tutorial. Through working with others, I was able to build on my skills in a way I wouldn’t have been able to do in isolation.

Efficient Learning for New Programmers

By Cameron Bass

Good practice tips for those who are new to programming and have limited time to complete ideas.