Where you can find Collective Idea this fall

Catch us at a number of difference conferences this fall!

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We love to encourage our team members to attend conferences and events. The types of conferences available to designers and developers around the country (and even the world) provide a great learning experience for those of us looking to learn more, network, or just hone our skills. Speaking of networking, we LOVE meeting up with old friends and making new ones. Here’s a list of places we’re going to be at over the next couple of months. If one of them is a conference you’re going to be at, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to meet up!

Sept. 5 - 8 | ElixirConf
Bellvue, Washington
[i] team members Cam Bass, Laura Mosher, Mike Kopchick, Tres Trantham, and Troy Spruit are heading to Washington for ElixirConf. The conference features two days of training and two days of speakers. If you’re there that week, be sure to tweet at our team and meet up with them!

Sept. 14 - 15 | Windy City Rails
Chicago, Illinois
Laura Mosher, Eric Milford, and Victoria Gonda will be in the Windy City (Chicago) for Windy City Rails this year. This is an annual gathering for people passionate about Rails. If you’re attending the conference and want to talk Rails or any other number of web dev related things, hit up Laura and/or Victoria on Twitter!

Sept. 25 - 29 | Inbound 2017
Boston, Massachusetts
Our Marketing Manager, Sasha Wolff will attend Inbound 2017 this year. Inbound, a 4-day event by Hubspot, is considered one of the best marketing and sales conferences across the globe. This year’s keynote speakers include Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States of America, and Brene Brown, a best-selling author and researcher.

Sept. 28 - 30 | Strange Loop
St. Louis, Missouri
Both Allison McMillan and Victoria Gonda will be speaking at Strange Loop this year. Allison will be talking about how to better understand memory allocations while Victoria will share her vast knowledge of Kotlin. Laura and Eric from our team will also be tagging along! Be sure to say hi to these talented folks!

Sept. 29 | Calibrate
San Francisco, California
If you’re in San Francisco for Calibrate 2017, you should connect with Andrew Bredow and Chris Gaffney. The two of them will be there honing their leadership skills. Shameless plug: If you’re looking for a way to monitor daily backups or scheduled tasks of any type, you’ll definitely want to talk to Chris. He’s our product manager for Dead Man’s Snitch, a dead-simple cron job monitoring solution.

Oct. 10 - 13 | Mirror Conf 2017
Braga, Portugal
Matt Slack and Megan Crigger are headed to Portugal to add to their collection of knowledge as front-end developers and designers. The event kicks off with two days of workshops and then two days of conference talks. We’re excited to see what Matt and Megan bring back!

Oct. 16 - 21 | Ruby Dev Summit
Anywhere, World
Allison will be speaking at Ruby Dev Summit on October 20. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about how to hack your workday for maximum learning, this is a great opportunity. Even more so since the conference is entirely online AND it’s free.

Oct. 23 - 24 | All Things Open
Raleigh, North Carolina
In partnership with Opensource.com, the All Things Open conference takes place October 23 - 24. Allison will be there, speaking on developing experiential workshops. If you want to talk more with Allison about her presentation, she’s always up for a meet-up! Ping her on Twitter and set up a time!

November 2 - 3 | KotlinConf
San Francisco, California
Victoria heads to KotlinConf this year, not as an attendee, but as a speaker. She’ll be once again touching on her popular Kotlin: Uncovered talk.

November 5 - 6 | .droidconfSF
San Francisco, California
Right after Victoria finishes her talk at KotlinConf, she’s sticking around SF to present at .droidconSF.

November 11 | DevFest Flordia
Orlando, Florida
If you missed Victoria’s talk on the West Coast you can still catch it on the East Coast at DevFest Florida. It’s a one day event organized by three Google Developer groups in central Florida: Space Coast, Central Florida, and Sun Coast. Connect with Victoria if you want to talk Kotlin!

November 15 - 17 | RubyConf
New Orleans, Louisiana
If you’re headed to New Orleans for RubyConf, give Allison a shout. She’ll be there with hundreds of Ruby enthusiasts from around the world. We hope to see you there!!!

Photo of Sasha Wolff

Sasha leads the marketing, communications, and PR at Collective Idea. She also leads marketing efforts for Dead Man’s Snitch and Harmony. Sasha considers herself a jack of all trades and prides herself on learning new skills.