My Experience at droidconSF 2017

By Victoria Gonda

DroidconSF proved to be a great conference. There were so many great things to learn, and people to meet. My experience there was definitely worthwhile.

The Very First KotlinConf

By Victoria Gonda

JetBrains held its first KotlinConf, and it was a huge success. With 1200 attendees, it was a great conference to both attend and speak at. There was much to learn about the language and how it is being used.

Big Data Ignite 2017 Recap

By Mac Fowler

Big Data isn’t going away any time soon. After attending a local conference on the topic, I started to see a couple of major trends showing through, including the fact that enterprises are more interested in it than ever.

Where you can find Collective Idea this fall

By Sasha Wolff

Collective Idea encourages all of it’s employees to take on professional development opportunities whenever possible. Here are a few conferences we’ll be at over the next couple of months and we hope to meet up with you!

RailsConf 2017: An Organizer's Perspective

By Allison McMillan

As a conference organizer, the experience can be a bit different. Find out why in this post.

Here's Where Collective Idea Will Be Over the Next Few Months


We’re participating in or attending conferences and events all around the country. See when and if we’ll be in a city near you!

An in-depth look at two RailsConf tracks

By Allison McMillan

RailsConf offers an opportunity to submit proposals directly related to specific tracks. Learn more about two of these tracks to get inspired and craft successful proposals.

Even the Justice League Works Remotely

By Allison McMillan

Hiring remote developers who are not yet senior requires looking for certain critical characteristics. Learn what those are and what you should consider if you are hiring or looking for a remote position.

4 Twitter Tips to Use at the Next Conference You Attend

By Sasha Wolff

Networking is taking place both online and offline at conferences big and small. Here are a few tips to help you out with virtual networking.

Attending the Grace Hopper Celebration

By Maria Eguiluz

I attended the Women in Computing - Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) in Phoenix, Arizona a couple of weeks ago. GHC is an annual conference where women in all stages of their career come together to talk about relevant topics both in computer science and on what being a woman in the technology field is like.