Here's Where Collective Idea Will Be Over the Next Few Months

Catch us if you can

Event conference by Crystal710 is licenced under CC0 Public Domain

Over the next couple of weeks you’ll be able to catch members of our team at a variety of events and conferences around the world. Here at Collective Idea, we actively encourage each other to attend and speak at conferences because we’re big on continuing education. What better way to build upon old skills and learn new ones than to do so with hundreds of colleagues?

Here’s where you can find us next!

March 30 - April 1 | RWDevCon

Alexandria, Virginia

[i] team members Ben Lambert and Chris Rittersdorf are heading to RWDevCon. The conference is focused entirely on hands-on programming tutorials. Be sure to tweet at them and perhaps meet up if you’re in the area.

March 29 - 31 | MagmaConf

Manzanillo, Colima - Mexico

Despite its name, MagmaConf has nothing to do with lava or volcanos. It’s a community tech conference that focuses on software development, ux/ui design, and mobile. Allison McMillan will be presenting on how to hack your work day to maximize learning.

April 10 - 11 | Droidcon Boston

Boston, Massachusettes

If you want to learn more about Kotlin and what it can do for you, check out Victoria Gonda’s session at Droidcon Boston this year. She’ll be presenting Kotlin: Uncovered, which will address how the language handles data classes, lambdas, and delegation.

April 11 - 13 | MicroConf

Las Vegas, Nevada

As the new director of strategy at Collective Idea, Mac Fowler will be heading to MicroConf. The conference helps provide targeted, tactical advice to businesses looking to mature and grow.

April 20 - 21 | RubyHack

Salt Lake City, Utah

If you’re in Salt Lake City later in April you can catch Jason Roelofs, another one of our [i] team members at RubyHACK. This is a brand new event that hopes to foster and grow the Ruby community.

April 20 - 21 | Chicago Roboto

Chicago, Illinois

One of Chicago Roboto’s Keynote Speakers this year is our very own Victoria! She’ll be sharing her Kotlin: Uncovered talk. [i] team member, Josh Kovach will also be there!

April 21 - 22 | Codeland Conference

New York, New York

This is a great conference for coding newbies. Day One talks about what code can do and Day Two addresses practical applications of what you can do with code. Allison will be participating in a panel about work/life balance on Day Two of the conference.

April 25 - 27 | RailsConf

Phoenix, Arizona

Another conference we are participating in this year is RailsConf! Allison has been working hard on the programming committee for RailsConf over the last couple of months. She’s been writing about her experience curating tracks and reading through speaker proposals. Allison will be at the conference as well as [i] team members Tim Bugai and Andrew Bredow. Be sure to connect with us on Twitter so we can do a meetup or something. We would love to say hi!

May 22 - GLSEC

Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference (or GLSEC as it’s better known) is one of our favorite local events to attend. There will actually be a handful of us there this year, so please don’t be shy and come say hi!