Building Better Test Suites

By Jason Roelofs

Test suites are important tools to help ensure the correctness of your application, but the suites need to be architected, designed, and maintained to ensure the test suite itself doesn’t rot and become a burden. This post covers some high level concepts and architecture decisions that keep test suites maintainable.

Troubleshooting Feature Specs

By Allison McMillan

Figuring out why your feature tests are failing can be difficult, especially when setting up the first few tests in the codebase.

Fixing Intermittent Failing Tests

By Daniel Morrison

Some tricks to help you fix tests that sometimes fail.

Mocking HTML5 API's Using PhantomJS Extensions

By Ryan Glover

Recently one of our projects called for using the browser’s Geolocation API. We were excited about this project. However, we had an immediate concern about how to test a feature that interacts with one of the browser’s built in APIs.

Debugging Firefox Failures on Travis

By Jason Roelofs

When strange failures are plaguing Firefox during Travis CI test runs, get a hold of Travis Support, they’ll help you out!

Chrome Profile Settings and Capybara 1.1 Stable

By Brian Ryckbost

Custom profile settings for Chrome used with Capybara 1.1 stable seem to be getting ignored. Here’s my quick workaround.

Testing File Downloads with Capybara and ChromeDriver

By Steve Richert

At Collective Idea, we Cucumber, Capybara and ChromeDriver… and alliteration. But we recently encountered an issue with a very Ajaxy Rails app where we need to test a file download and assert its content.

Capybara, Cucumber and How the Cookie Crumbles

By Steve Richert

I use Capybara and Cucumber to test my Rails apps, but cookie management can often be difficult… until now.

Use Chrome with Cucumber & Capybara

By Daniel Morrison

Swapping out Firefox for Chrome is easier than you think!

Double Clicking in Capybara

By Brian Ryckbost

Need to define a capybara step for double clicking an element? Here’s what we came up with.

Simultaneous Capybara Sessions in Cucumber

By Steve Richert

There’s something very satisfying about watching your Cucumber test suite run (and pass), especially when the tests are running in your browser. I can’t help but think, “Man, I’m glad I don’t have to do all of this myself.” That’s especially true when your testing requires multiple sessions. The old me would fire up a couple different browsers and get to work. But that was the old me.

Clicking any element with Cucumber and Capybara

By Brandon Keepers

We’ve been testing a lot of Javascript heavy apps these days with Cucumber and Capybara, and sometimes you just need to click on something that isn’t a button or a link.