Welcome Ray Brown

I’m extremely excited to welcome Ray Brown (aka @bitmanic) to our team.

Ray is well known around the West Michigan area as a top front-end developer who can do a bit of everything. He’s also been known to speak at meetups and be involved in the web community. On our team, he’s already been knocking projects out of the park, and fearlessly diving into back-end code to make his front-end code even better. He’s difficult to keep up with!

We’ve been surprised that Ray’s foodie knowledge of lesser-known Holland restaurants exceeds those of us who live out here. He plans on biking from Grand Rapids to our Holland office a few times this summer, which would sound crazy had he not already planned a few days off to bike to Chicago later in the year.

We’re very excited to work with Ray and have his skills available. Expect great things.

Photo of Daniel Morrison

Daniel founded Collective Idea in 2005 to put a name to his growing and already full-time freelance work. He works hard writing code, teaching, and mentoring.