Welcome Sasha Wolff

Sasha Wolff We made our first marketing hire last April. Sasha Wolff joined our team and immediately got to work getting us blogging more and getting more active on social media. By far her biggest failure so far was getting me to finish writing a welcome post about her (sorry Sasha).

So without further delay, please give a big welcome to Sasha Wolff. She is responsible for this blog, social media, public relations, various content marketing endeavors and a whole slew of other marketing responsibilities.

Sasha’s background is a mixture of marketing and communications. After graduating from Calvin College with a film studies degree, she worked at WZZM 13 as a news producer, Davenport University as a social media and communications coordinator, and Priority Health as a marketing consultant. She’s also a board member of the West Michigan Public Relations Society of America where she works on the communications team.

In her spare time, Sasha loves to run and is frequently trying to get the rest of us to join her. She’s the brain behind Still I Run, a community promoting mental health through running. (I’ll forgive your tardiness on this post if you tell people to buy a t-shirt. Ed.)

We’re happy to add Sasha’s skills to our office and can’t wait to see where she takes us!

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