DroidConBos 2017 Review

Android takes over Boston

Boston, Massachusettes Skyline by Skeeze is licensed under Creative Commons CC0

Boston just had their first DroidCon, and I’m so glad I had the opportunity to participate. Droidcon Boston is an Android conference that brought in Android developers from all over the world. Not only was the conference great in and of itself, it was also my first experience being a conference speaker. I can tell you they did a wonderful job welcoming me into the community. I immediately felt like I was among friends.

Aside from the community, there was so much to learn! From just the keynotes alone, the trip out was worth it. Annyce Davis shared so many tools we can use to become better developers, and Chiu-Ki Chan encouraged us to share our knowledge to become Android experts.

I’m also excited to bring back all the debugging tips from Sam Edwards, and share Garima Jain’s magical explaination of reactive programming. Be sure to check out the videos of all the talks!

I found this conference to be the perfect place to debut my talk, Kotlin: Uncovered. In it, I give an introduction to the Kotlin programming language, uncovering the truth about what it’s doing by decompiling the bytecode into Java. I’m thankful for the great staff that helped keep my nerves at ease before going on stage. I also feel I had the perfect audience. The size was great for my first time up there, and they were really responsive, asking some great questions afterwards.

I’m glad they’re already starting plans for Droidcon Boston 2018, and I hope to see you all there!

Photo of Victoria Gonda

Victoria is a software developer working on mobile and full stack web applications. She enjoys exchanging knowledge through conference talks and writing.