Showing Off Some Projects at Collective Idea

What we've been working on lately

Our team does a lot of very cool work, but we’re often barred from talking about it due to NDAs.

So recently we decided to focus on some projects we can talk about and wrote up some case studies. The first three are up on now:



This case study highlights how we help small teams do great things. A fun part, from my perspective, is how we still haven’t built the original project they came to us for. That’s because we looked at their pain points, and together focused on delivering business value in a different way. Often our team can find cheaper/better/different ways of accomplishing a goal. We love getting to the heart of problems to help clients grow their businesses.

Blackbird RSVP


Blackbird is an app where we get say “you can go try this today!” Seriously, go sign up. If you’re hosting an event, you need Blackbird in your life. We’ve had a great time working on all aspects of this product and are thrilled to continue that relationship. We love long-term client relationships and we’re quite proud of what we helped build with them.



This project shows off how we love to build prototypes. This one was a software/hardware combination, but we build prototypes for clients of all size. Sometimes they are to demo a concept. Other times they help get buy-in from stakeholders (management, investors, etc.). We love building prototypes, and then love making them real products too.

I’m thrilled to share some of our work. And we’d love to work with you.

Have a project you’d like to talk about? Drop us a line!

Photo of Daniel Morrison

Daniel founded Collective Idea in 2005 to put a name to his growing and already full-time freelance work. He works hard writing code, teaching, and mentoring.