Building amazing applications is nice. We like to feel accomplished. But along with that, we like to help the community through open-source projects and regional events. We like to think we’re famous on the internets, but who’s to judge? You? Yes.

Open-Source Projects

We love open-source software. Below is a list of projects we either created or to which we greatly contributed.


We are currently working to get gigabit internet in our Holland, Michigan hometown. Please join our efforts!

Regional Events

We love excuses to hang out with other developers and talk shop. Here's a few of the regional events we participate in:

Finish Weekend

We're proud to present Finish Weekend, a concept similar to Startup Weekend, but for people who have an existing project that they want to finish. Why? Because starting is easy. Finishing is hard.

Great Lakes Ruby Bash

Great Lakes Ruby Bash is a regional Ruby conference featuring local talent and developers. Our latest bash was April 2010 and will be planning the next conference soon. If you'd like to get involved, let someone know on the mailing list.