Teaching the Future to Code

Hosting BitCamp at Collective Idea

This past weekend we had the amazing opportunity to host BitCamp GR. The day-long learning workshop introduces 7th and 8th-grade girls to the world of coding. Eighteen girls joined us for the day to learn how to make their very own website from scratch using HTML and CSS. To allow the girls plenty of one-on-one time, we had two students from the Hope College Computer Science Department, and two of our very own talented developers on hand to help.

Over the course of five hours, the girls learned how to create a website on a topic of their choice that included hyperlinks, lists, images, and more. Once their websites were complete, they showed off their masterpieces to their families. At the end of the day, they were able to bring their work home with them on provided flash drives, along with materials to help them keep learning.

We had such a great time teaching these young ladies about creating websites and an even better time introducing them to all the things possible in the world of software development. After spending a day learning about software development in a fun, creative environment, many of the students seemed excited to continue working on their code after the workshop. We hope we inspired them to dream, code, and create! Here are a few of our favorite photos from the event. You can view more of them here on our Facebook page.

Also, a huge thank you to Software GR for being the driving force behind BitCamp. We can’t wait to host again!

Photo of Sasha Wolff

Sasha leads the marketing, communications, and PR at Collective Idea. She also leads marketing efforts for Dead Man’s Snitch and Harmony. Sasha considers herself a jack of all trades and prides herself on learning new skills.