Teaching the Future to Code

By Sasha Wolff

This past weekend we shared our coding knowledge with some eager 7th and 8th-grade girls ready to create their own websites with BitCampGR.

HSL color selector using HTML5 and CSS

By Matt Slack

Here’s a fun little color selector input that you can use in Safari, Chrome and Opera without an extra javascript, or fancy libraries. It looks pretty nice too.

Our Notes on Remote Pairing

By Daniel Morrison

Relevance posted some notes on remote pair programming so here are ours too.

Happy Git Commits

By Brandon Keepers

Being happy makes us more productive. Add some happiness to your git commits.

Clicking any element with Cucumber and Capybara

By Brandon Keepers

We’ve been testing a lot of Javascript heavy apps these days with Cucumber and Capybara, and sometimes you just need to click on something that isn’t a button or a link.

sitemap.xml in Harmony

By Daniel Morrison

We added a Google Sitemap to our Harmony-powered site. Here’s how to do it.

Clever Background Changes

By Daniel Morrison

Our backgrounds change, but they’re not random. We’re more clever than that. Let me explain…