Dead Man's Snitch is a ProgrammableWeb 2017 Noteable API

Getting more out of your cron jobs

A couple weeks ago ProgrammableWeb released a great list of notable and interesting APIs for app dev and DevOps.


Our cron job liveness monitoring tool, Dead Man’s Snitch, was lucky enough to be included in the list alongside some other amazing and helpful tools and platforms. Dead Man’s Snitch is a tool that helps developers and site reliability engineers get better sleep at night knowing that they’ll only be alerted when things go wrong.

With Dead Man’s Snitch, we have three main goals to help our customers:

  1. Inform them when their cron job errors or fails to run
  2. Help troubleshoot errors as quickly as possible to get everything back to green.
  3. Provide these two benefits with a monitoring and reporting experience that is focused on clarity, ease of use and empowered with powerful integrations.

It’s one thing to rest comfortably knowing your jobs are working as intended, it’s another to know that you can recover quickly when things fail.

Give Dead Man’s Snitch a try and let us know your thoughts or how we can improve!

Thanks again to ProgrammableWeb for including our humble little tool.


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