Dead Man's Snitch is a ProgrammableWeb 2017 Noteable API

By Mac Fowler

Dead Man’s Snitch was recently included in a list of notable and interesting APIs for app development and DevOps engineers. It’s always a great opportunity to be included and highlight along side other great modern platforms.

Keeping on Task using Dead Man’s Snitch

By Sasha Wolff

How to use webhooks and Dead Man’s Snitch to hold yourself accountable for getting things done.

How To Get Alerts When a Sidekiq Instance Goes Down

By Jon Stokes

For those of us who use the popular distributed job queueing system Sidekiq, it’s a common problem: a Sidekiq instance containing a pool of workers dies, and the only way you find out about the problem is by checking the Sidekiq dashboard and seeing that you’ve got a ton of jobs backed up and fewer busy workers than expected. Luckily, there’s an easy way to get email alerts when one of your instances goes down, using Dead Man’s Snitch and a little bit of code inspired by the sidekiq\_snitch gem.

Getting Pushy…

By Tim Bugai

A few months ago, we built an iOS App for Dead Man’s Snitch. The drive behind making it a native application was to take advantage of the Apple Push Notification System. When the App went live to our customers via the App Store it quickly became clear that we were missing notifications sent from Dead Man’s Snitch.