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Turbolinks Caching with JavaScript Modified Dom

Avoid duplicated markup by preparing your document for caching
By Laura Mosher

Don’t want duplicated markup in your document? There are a few ways to fix that. We’ll go through how to prepare your document for caching with Turbolinks.

Continuing Education at Collective Idea - RubyConf 2016

Implementing LunchConf into our culture of continued learning and professional development
By Laura Mosher

When attending RubyConf 2016, I learned more than just additional gems about Ruby. I learned about continuing education and why it matters.

BitCamp GR at Collective Idea

Dream, Code, Create... in our office space.
By Laura Mosher

We are very excited to be hosting our very first BitCamp GR event this weekend in conjunction with Hope College Computer Science Department.

Turning the Train into My Mobile Office

How to be productive when your remote workspace is on rails
By Laura Mosher

Collective Idea encourages everyone to work where they are most productive; whether that means at home, a coffee shop, the office, co-working space, or train.

Volunteering for BitCamp GR

Dream, Code, Create
By Laura Mosher

Volunteering at BitCamp GR, by Software GR, is an amazing day-long event to teach young girls software development.