Common sense UI design


Do you want to make your web designs seem familiar to your users? Check out some not so obvious ideas that can contribute to an easier to use interface for your website or application.

Cropping Animated GIFs with MiniMagick

By Joshua Kovach

Cropping an animated GIF with crop will continue to use the original image’s canvas size. This cool trick will ensure the cropped image ends up the correct size.

On Documentation-Driven Development

By Steve Richert

I love designing and developing APIs. In building a great API, the design and development processes demand equal attention. The problem is that popular development approaches don’t emphasize the design process. You may be familiar with the concepts of “test-driven development” and “behavior-driven development”, but let’s talk about the lesser-known concept of “documentation-driven development”.

Public Methods != Public API

By Steve Richert

I love designing and building APIs. Usually those APIs are in the form of REST web services. A lot of care goes into the interface of a web service because it’s how your application is presented to the outside world. But what about the interfaces of your internal code?

Building Office 2.0

By Daniel Morrison

A little peek behind the scenes about how we built out our new office.

Where's Your Business Logic?

By Jason Roelofs

Can you point to a single place in your application and say “here is where we implement our business rules and use cases”, or are your use cases spread out across controllers, models, libs and elsewhere? Do you have fat models, fat controllers, and/or a massive lib directory? Is adding new features quick and easy or painful and time consuming? I have a solution to your pain.