Free SSL on Heroku

By Daniel Morrison

Starting today, Heroku has a new free SSL offering. Use it with Let’s Encrypt for a fully free SSL system.

Let's Encrypt with a Rails app on Heroku

By Daniel Morrison

I needed to renew an SSL certificate today, so I used it as an excuse to try Let’s Encrypt for a free certificate for a Rails app hosted on Heroku.

Optimizing Rails for Memory Usage Part 1: Before You Optimize

By Brian Hempel

Part one of a four-part series which will show you how to optimize a memory-heavy Rails API action.

Running a high volume Rails app on Heroku for free

By David Genord II

In 3 easy steps you can setup a rails app on Heroku that can easily handle 200 requests per second and 100 concurrent connections, for free.

Fully automated, almost free backups

By Daniel Morrison

One of our clients was recently burned by their hosting company not providing the backups they expected. As we helped transition them to a new system, I focused on setting up solid backups and am very pleased with the results: Fully automated, offsite backups for under $2/month.

JSON Microformat Converter

By Brian Ryckbost

Turning microformats formatted as JSON into .vcf and .ics files for a Chrome extension.

Heroku-ing with multiple personalities

By Keith Gaddis

I recently transitioned a client site from my own account on Heroku to their account – which means to manage that site effectively, I need to be able to use Heroku with multiple accounts. Here’s how I did it.