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Turbolinks Caching with JavaScript Modified Dom

By Laura Mosher

Don’t want duplicated markup in your document? There are a few ways to fix that. We’ll go through how to prepare your document for caching with Turbolinks.

Modern Javascript and Rails

By Jason Roelofs

Want to write ES6 and/or use JSX or any of a vast array of modern Javascript tools in your Rails app? What about also writing your Javascript tests with the same tools? It’s easy with Browserify-rails and Teaspoon!

Mocking HTML5 API's Using PhantomJS Extensions

By Ryan Glover

Recently one of our projects called for using the browser’s Geolocation API. We were excited about this project. However, we had an immediate concern about how to test a feature that interacts with one of the browser’s built in APIs.

Pick a Side

By Daniel Morrison

I noticed a strange JavaScript loading fallback today. Often simplicity can trump having fallbacks.

Walken on Rails

By Daniel Morrison

Our new screencast series features narration by Christopher Walken.

CoffeeScript Routing, part deux

By Tim Bugai

Adding named parameters to the CoffeeScript router

Standalone Javascript Routing

By Tim Bugai

A recent project has us using spine.js as well as a few other JavaScript libraries. Though spine.js comes with its own routing, it conflicts with pjax. The solution was to roll our own.

Quick Win: JavaScript async

By Daniel Morrison

Do you know the difference between defer and async in your script tags? You will very soon.

Quick Win: Zendesk

By Daniel Morrison

Now, I don’t know anything about ZenDesk, but I know a JS snippet when I see it. And I also know I can make it better. Here’s my quick win of the day:

Clever Background Changes

By Daniel Morrison

Our backgrounds change, but they’re not random. We’re more clever than that. Let me explain…