Shedding Light on the Development Process

By Victoria Gonda

Did you know there are parallels between the lighting design process in dance and software development. Victoria Gonda, our resident dance expert and software developer breaks it down for you.

Remote-friendly Retrospectives with Trello

By Dana Jones

Conduct collaborative, interactive meetings with people all over the globe. Trello is good for more than just software development and project planning.

You Still Have to Test on the Server

By Daniel Morrison

It doesn’t matter how good your test suite is, you have to run through on your server to know it works.

Stop writing imaginary code.

By Keith Gaddis

One of the hardest aspects of development for me has always been anticipating the code I’m going to need to write to solve a problem. BDD saves me from the hassle.

Software never stays still

By Brandon Keepers

Software is an evolving, living being.

Stop lying.

By Keith Gaddis

“I don’t have time to test” seems to be somewhat of a recurring theme in hurried projects. Stop lying to yourself—and your clients.