Program Like a Dancer

By Victoria Gonda

The art of dancing and the act of programming are quite similar. How so? It’s the way both dancers and programmers respond to feedback.

How to Become a Better Pair Programmer - Part Four

By Dana Jones

In the last part of our four-part series, we look at a variety of roles one can take on during a pair programming session. Are you the researcher, tester, sounding board, or something else?

How to Become a Better Pair Programmer - Part Three

By Dana Jones

Pair programming isn’t always just about working with another person. Sometimes, partnering up on a project requires you to know more about how YOU work within the partnership.

How to Become a Better Pair Programmer - Part Two

By Dana Jones

Part two of our four-part series on pair programming touches on the topics of the time involved when pairing, why you should keep your ego in check, and how to assume the best of your pair partner.

How to Become a Better Pair Programmer - Part One

By Dana Jones

So what can you, as a well-meaning professional developer do to contribute more to your team? We have several suggestions for reaching your pair programming potential.

Programmer in a 3D printer world

By David Genord II

A 3D printer can do more than just create fun objects. They can be programmed to solve every day problems.