Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

Securing the root user on macOS High Sierra

By Jason Roelofs

A developer in Turkey recently discovered that the High Sierra version of macOS has a serious vulnerability concerning the “root” user. Here’s what’s up and how to protect yourself.

Bundler's Multiple Source Security Vulnerability

By Steve Richert

While working on a project, I discovered a major security vulnerability that affects all stable versions of Bundler.

HIPAA Means Turning Off External Services

By Daniel Morrison leaks patient data to 3rd parties. Does your Healthcare startup do the same?

Recommended Security Setup for AWS

By Jason Roelofs

Amazon Web Services runs an every growing percentage of the Internet, which means AWS accounts are more so a target of those-we-will-not-name. This post outlines the recommended minimal setup we at Collective Idea now apply to every Amazon account to ensure sufficient security.

The Password Rant

By Daniel Morrison

LinkedIn screwed up, but you can be smarter. When you store a password, you’re holding a key to untold secrets. The goal is to keep that key safe from everyone, even you.