Free SSL on Heroku

By Daniel Morrison

Starting today, Heroku has a new free SSL offering. Use it with Let’s Encrypt for a fully free SSL system.

Let's Encrypt with a Rails app on Heroku

By Daniel Morrison

I needed to renew an SSL certificate today, so I used it as an excuse to try Let’s Encrypt for a free certificate for a Rails app hosted on Heroku.

Inter-Service Authentication with SSL

By Steve Richert

At Collective Idea, we love building web services. Oftentimes we also build the client applications that consume those services.


One of the major challenges with a service-oriented architecture is authenticating communication between the client and the service as well as between services.

The Password Rant

By Daniel Morrison

LinkedIn screwed up, but you can be smarter. When you store a password, you’re holding a key to untold secrets. The goal is to keep that key safe from everyone, even you.

SSL with Rails

By Daniel Morrison

Lots of people have been wondering about SSL after seeing Firesheep in action. Here’s how to get started with Rails.