Team Tools Roundup

By Dana Jones

Our distributed team uses some really interesting tools to do the work we do. Check out our tool roundup to find some new tools to try yourself.

Spacemacs: The Final Frontier for a Diehard Vim Fan

By Chris Rittersdorf

Collective Idea’s been bit by the Elixir bug recently. And in my research to configure its Alchemist tools, I’ve discovered an interesting text editor: Spacemacs. Spacemacs is an easy-to-install set of defaults for Emacs. And I love it! But, I’m a diehard Vim fanatic. How could I say something that sacrilegious!?

Unlearning How to Type

By Chris Rittersdorf

A week ago I finished building an Ergodox keyboard as a way of easing RSI problems and having fun. However, in adjusting to this
new keyboard layout, I learned some valuable lessons about my personal development style instead.

A PostgreSQL Sandbox Using VIM and tmux

By Chris Rittersdorf

!If you’re like me, you’ve let ActiveRecord hold your hand for way too long. And when it comes time to write advanced PostgreSQL queries, you need to experiment in the REPL to find what you’re looking for. Add this trick to your toolbox to make working with the PostgreSQL REPL simpler.

Batch Number Increment in Vim

By Eric Milford

How to use Vim’s sub-replace-expression command to batch increment a set of numbers.