July 2010

Software never stays still

By Brandon Keepers

Software is an evolving, living being.

Much ado about nothing

By Keith Gaddis

What do Google’s AppInventor, JavaBeans, and Myspace all have in common? They’re all misguided attempts at putting development in the hands of non-developers.

Good projects in need of loving maintainer

By Brandon Keepers

We can’t give each of our projects all the love they deserve, so it’s time to let some go.

Houston, we have a problem.

By Keith Gaddis

Think the plethora of open Rails jobs is good for Rails developers? Think again.

Post your weekly top 5 Last.fm artists to Campfire

By Brian Ryckbost

A simple Ruby script to post your top 5 weekly artists from Last.fm to a Campfire room.