November 2010

SSL with Rails

By Daniel Morrison

Lots of people have been wondering about SSL after seeing Firesheep in action. Here’s how to get started with Rails.

Stop writing imaginary code.

By Keith Gaddis

One of the hardest aspects of development for me has always been anticipating the code I’m going to need to write to solve a problem. BDD saves me from the hassle.

Practical Cucumber: Stakeholders

By Brandon Keepers

Stakeholders may or may not care about cucumber scenarios, but there is still value in having developers write them.

The Cheapest MBA You Can Get

By Brian Ryckbost

Skip the theory. Start doing something. Be the case study.

Validate the Idea

By Brian Ryckbost

Evaluate and validate your idea or side-project before you start coding.

Quick Win: Zendesk

By Daniel Morrison

Now, I don’t know anything about ZenDesk, but I know a JS snippet when I see it. And I also know I can make it better. Here’s my quick win of the day: