March 2011

Using Solr and Sunspot to Search Within Words

By Zach Moazeni

In my previous post I mentioned that out of the box Solr breaks up the search indexes on whitespace. This post will outline how you can configure Solr to search within words.

Tweet later with Delayed Job

By Brian Ryckbost

Schedule a tweet for the future using Delayed Job and the Twitter gem. Plus, some goodies on how to test it with Cucumber!

Off to SXSW 2011

By Daniel Morrison

A bunch of our team will be at SXSW as usual. Find us and say hi!

Full Text Searching with Solr and Sunspot

By Zach Moazeni

Full text searching can be a tricky subject. Luckily there are a number of great tools out there that are much better than doing “… content like ‘cars’ …”. One excellent tool that we have used on numerous projects is Solr along with the Ruby library Sunspot.

Exploring Solr and Sunspot

By Zach Moazeni

We have experienced a lot of success using Solr and Sunspot for full text searching on our Rails projects. And like our Cucumber series, we’re going to start a series of related posts just on Sunspot/Solr.

Geocoding with Graticule and SimpleGeo

By Brian Ryckbost

SimpleGeo was added as a geocoder to Graticule in early January. Here’s a quick example on how to make use of the service.