May 2011

User-centric Routing in Rails 3

By Steve Richert

Have you ever noticed that the GitHub homepage is different once you log in? I’m not talking about little changes here and there. It’s a completely different page. I have no idea how GitHub does this but I’ll venture a guess and demonstrate how to achieve the same effect.

Testing with Sunspot and Cucumber

By Zach Moazeni

Testing with sunspot with cucumber can be tricky since you need to manage the solr process separately. This post introduces a new gem “sunspot_test” and how to easily use it.

Welcome Jason Carpenter

By Daniel Morrison

Meet Jason, a smart mechanical engineer turned programmer.

On Stand-Up Desks

By Daniel Morrison

We have been using stand-up desks almost exclusively for over a year. Some thoughts and tips.

Quick Win: JavaScript async

By Daniel Morrison

Do you know the difference between defer and async in your script tags? You will very soon.