January 2012

Photo by Tambako the Jaguar, used under Creative Commons https://flic.kr/p/e9AnTA

Testing File Downloads with Capybara and ChromeDriver

By Steve Richert

At Collective Idea, we Cucumber, Capybara and ChromeDriver… and alliteration. But we recently encountered an issue with a very Ajaxy Rails app where we need to test a file download and assert its content.

Standalone Javascript Routing

By Tim Bugai

A recent project has us using spine.js as well as a few other JavaScript libraries. Though spine.js comes with its own routing, it conflicts with pjax. The solution was to roll our own.

Slow it Down

By Daniel Morrison

Most of the time, you test your apps on a fast connection, especially when working on a local machine. Most of your clients/visitors/customers aren’t so lucky, but how do you simulate their connection speed?

If you have installed Xcode on Lion, you have access to a very cool tool called Network Link Conditioner.

Refactored for Efficiency

By Tim Bugai

Refactoring your code is for more then keeping it DRY. It also gives you a chance to make it more efficient.

Give pry a Try

By Daniel Morrison

One of the things holding us back from developing on Ruby 1.9.3 has been ruby-debug. So after many people suggested we try it, we gave pry a shot. I don’t know why we didn’t before; it is quick, easy, and allows a wide range of Ruby versions.

Welcome Ryan Glover

By Daniel Morrison

We’re thrilled to welcome Ryan Glover to the team.

Capybara, Cucumber and How the Cookie Crumbles

By Steve Richert

I use Capybara and Cucumber to test my Rails apps, but cookie management can often be difficult… until now.

The Big Three-Oh

By Brian Ryckbost

Delayed Job 3.0 was released over the holidays. Here’s a rundown of what’s new and what’s changed.