June 2012

Where's Your Business Logic?

By Jason Roelofs

Can you point to a single place in your application and say “here is where we implement our business rules and use cases”, or are your use cases spread out across controllers, models, libs and elsewhere? Do you have fat models, fat controllers, and/or a massive lib directory? Is adding new features quick and easy or painful and time consuming? I have a solution to your pain.

Benchmarking Rails on the Retina MacBook Pro

By Brian Hempel

How much of a speed boost is the new Retina MacBook Pro’s Ivy Bridge i7? A lot–if you’re coming from a Core 2 Duo!

The Password Rant

By Daniel Morrison

LinkedIn screwed up, but you can be smarter. When you store a password, you’re holding a key to untold secrets. The goal is to keep that key safe from everyone, even you.

Getting Artistic w/ RubyMotion

By Tim Bugai

Sure, making apps that communicate with a server somewhere is interesting, but what about your creative side?

Delete Your Email Rules

By Daniel Morrison

Today I removed all of my rules in Mail.app. It is easier than you think, you just have to get less email.

The Shape of Complexity

By Brian Ryckbost

When working alone and tasked to solve a problem or implement a feature, I seem to follow a similar pattern of clarity, leading to confusion and frustration, and back to clarity.