December 2012

Inter-Service Authentication with SSL

By Steve Richert

At Collective Idea, we love building web services. Oftentimes we also build the client applications that consume those services.


One of the major challenges with a service-oriented architecture is authenticating communication between the client and the service as well as between services.

So We Bought a Printer

By Daniel Morrison

After doing a bit of boring research, we bought a printer. Here’s hoping this helps someone in the same boat!

Desks 2.0

By Steve Richert

At Collective Idea, we’re hard at work moving into a bigger, new and improved office space. We have big plans for the space, including refinished hardwood floors, Flor carpet, Nest thermostats and more. But before all the bells and whistles, we need to be able to… work.

Building Office 2.0

By Daniel Morrison

A little peek behind the scenes about how we built out our new office.

Office 2.0

By Daniel Morrison

We’ve officially move to our new office, and have lots to share on the process.

Playing with Go: Embarrassingly Parallel Scripts

By Jason Roelofs

We can write parallel execution scripts in any language, but some work much better than others. Google’s Go makes embarrassingly parallel tasks almost trivial to write.