January 2013

Chrome Profile Settings and Capybara 1.1 Stable

By Brian Ryckbost

Custom profile settings for Chrome used with Capybara 1.1 stable seem to be getting ignored. Here’s my quick workaround.

Long Lost Allocation

By Steve Richert

There’s a great little method in Ruby that you might not be familiar with. It’s used all the time but it’s hardly ever called directly. The method is Class#allocate.

Reverse Search with Elasticsearch

By Jason Carpenter

Elasticsearch has an amazing feature called Percolation, which allowed us to save the complicated searches of the Group Portfolio into an index, then when a new project is added, we can ‘search the searches’ to return the Group Portfolio ID.

Running HAProxy behind Amazon's ELB

By Jason Roelofs

You can run HAProxy behind Amazon’s ELB for increased control over traffic to your web servers. The following tweaks will help with stable, sustainable performance in such a setup.