January 2014

Tuesday Tinkering: Try something new

By David Genord II

Last week we held or first, hopefully of many, hardware hacking event dubbed Tuesday Tinkering.

Are your Google Tags Installed Correctly?

By Spencer Toth

Often, people are left unsure if their Google tags have been installed correctly on their website. This simple tool helps troubleshoot installation of tracking codes and tags to see if yours are working correctly, or better yet, to see if you’re being tracked.

Mocking HTML5 API's Using PhantomJS Extensions

By Ryan Glover

Recently one of our projects called for using the browser’s Geolocation API. We were excited about this project. However, we had an immediate concern about how to test a feature that interacts with one of the browser’s built in APIs.

Today in Silly Apps

By Daniel Morrison

A couple years ago we built a really simple web app to track data loss now it tracks when you’re sick too. Here’s our silly app of the day.

Welcome Tres Trantham

By Daniel Morrison

We’re happy to announce that Tres Trantham has joined the Collective Idea family.

A PostgreSQL Sandbox Using VIM and tmux

By Chris Rittersdorf

!If you’re like me, you’ve let ActiveRecord hold your hand for way too long. And when it comes time to write advanced PostgreSQL queries, you need to experiment in the REPL to find what you’re looking for. Add this trick to your toolbox to make working with the PostgreSQL REPL simpler.