February 2014

Public Methods != Public API

By Steve Richert

I love designing and building APIs. Usually those APIs are in the form of REST web services. A lot of care goes into the interface of a web service because it’s how your application is presented to the outside world. But what about the interfaces of your internal code?

Welcome Chris Rittersdorf

By Daniel Morrison

We’re very excited to welcome Chris Rittersdorf to Collective Idea!

A Simple Pair Programming Setup with SSH and Tmux

By Tres Trantham

Here at Collective Idea, we do a lot of pair programming. We also believe in remote working. When pairing with any of our remote developers, we typically use a combination of SSH and tmux. There are a lot of good articles on this type of setup, but we've settled on an easy solution that works well.

Selective Restore in MongoDB

By Jason Roelofs

MongoDB makes it really easy to selectively restore deleted or lost data from a backup dump without doing a full restore.

False positives on Travis CI with CodeClimate / SimpleCov

By Jason Roelofs

The latest version of SimpleCov has a bug that ignores test exit statuses.

Finding Insight Through Humor: Negative Keywords

By Spencer Toth

Understanding what keywords visitors use to find your website will help you optimize your AdWords Campaigns…even if it involves snitching for the DEA.