April 2016

Rails + React + NPM: Another Option

By Jon Stokes

Most of the instructions I found for combining react-rails with browserify-rails and npm modules were at least a year out-of-date. But I finally got it all working, and it turns out that it’s pretty straightforward. In this bog post, I’ll show you how to use the convenient react-rails helpers to build views while using browserify-rails to bring in npm modules where and when you need them.

Movie Night!

By Victoria Gonda

Collective Idea and the Hope College Computer Science Department are working together to host a screening of CODE: Debugging The Gender Gap in Holland, MI. You are invited to gather with us to watch this film in Winants Auditorium in Graves Hall on April 18th at 7:00 pm.

How We saved the TSA $185,200. I mean 185,200 Bytes.

By Matt Slack

Multiple Personalities in Git

By Steve Richert

At Collective Idea, we use Git all the time. Right now, I have 50 Git repositories cloned on my computer and they fall into a few categories. My problem is that I need to commit from a different email address depending on which type of project I’m working on. I explored three ways to do this, looking for the least intrusive.