July 2016

How to Become a Better Pair Programmer - Part Two

By Dana Jones

Part two of our four-part series on pair programming touches on the topics of the time involved when pairing, why you should keep your ego in check, and how to assume the best of your pair partner.

Solutions to Potential Upgrade Problems in Rails 5

By Jason Roelofs

The Rails 5 upgrade has a few changes that may cause confusion. We look at how to get around the disabling of autoloading and look at the new deprecation warnings.

How to Become a Better Pair Programmer - Part One

By Dana Jones

So what can you, as a well-meaning professional developer do to contribute more to your team? We have several suggestions for reaching your pair programming potential.

How Rails Can Reduce Your Monthly Headaches

By Victoria Gonda

Months can be difficult to work with when they have a differing number of days. Rails helps out with #month, but you still need to use caution.

Turning the Train into My Mobile Office

By Laura Mosher

Collective Idea encourages everyone to work where they are most productive; whether that means at home, a coffee shop, the office, co-working space, or train.

Efficient Learning for New Programmers

By Cameron Bass

Good practice tips for those who are new to programming and have limited time to complete ideas.

Celebrating Our Newly Expanded Office Space

By Daniel Morrison

This past year we expanded our office space and our team. We held a Grand Opening party to celebrate.