November 2016

Hands by Incase is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Avoid parsing Rails controller params by using Metal

Need more metal!
By Daniel Morrison

While looking at a controller today, I came to the conclusion it’s better to use ActionController:API instead of ActionController::Metal. Here’s why.

So You Want to Talk at Conferences

But you don't know where to start
By Victoria Gonda

I thought it would be awesome to start speaking at conferences, but I wasn’t sure where to start. Here’s how I prepared for my first time at the podium.

Continuing Education at Collective Idea - RubyConf 2016

Implementing LunchConf into our culture of continued learning and professional development
By Laura Mosher

When attending RubyConf 2016, I learned more than just additional gems about Ruby. I learned about continuing education and why it matters.

Even the Justice League Works Remotely

A RubyConf talk on non-senior remote developers
By Allison McMillan

Hiring remote developers who are not yet senior requires looking for certain critical characteristics. Learn what those are and what you should consider if you are hiring or looking for a remote position.

How We Develop Mobile Applications

Best practices from Collective Idea
By Tim Bugai

Developing a mobile application that works on both iOS and Android takes a bit of work. Here are some best practices to get you going.

macOS alternatives: What about SteamOS?

Where to go next
By Jon Stokes

After Apple’s October 27 Mac event, many people were left to wonder, “Should I think about a macOS alternative? What else is out there?”

Program Like a Dancer

How you can learn from a dancer's reaction to feedback
By Victoria Gonda

The art of dancing and the act of programming are quite similar. How so? It’s the way both dancers and programmers respond to feedback.