April 2017

Containers, Docker, and Kubernetes Part 3

How to get started with a Kubernetes configuration
By Jason Roelofs

You want to try out this Kubernetes thing but aren’t sure how to start? Great! In this post I go over how I structure my Kubernetes configs, how I apply them to clusters, how to deploy changes, and how to manage secret values.

Conferencing Success

How to get the most out of your RailsConf experience
By Allison McMillan

Conferences can be overwhelming. Use these tips to make the most of your conference experience.

How I Almost Put an iframe into a WebView

Listening to JavaScript events on 3rd party webpages
By Victoria Gonda

You don’t have to use an iframe to listen to JavaScript events on 3rd party webpages. Instead, the best solution just involves a little Kotlin.

Arduino Programming in Vim

How to build Arduino projects without ever leaving your favorite editor
By Chris Rittersdorf

Tips and tricks learned along the way as I learn how to build Arduino projects inside my favorite development tool, Vim.