October 2012

Install your own PhantomJS on Travis CI

By Eric Milford

Poltergeist requires at least PhantomJS 1.7.0. Travis CI provides 1.6.1. Here’s how to bump your version of PhantomJS.

Fun with Unicode Math in Ruby √

By Daniel Morrison

We had way too much fun with Ruby and Unicode, and the result is that you can now join in the fun with our unicode_math gem.

A Different Approach to Gem Development

By Steve Richert

Not too long ago, I had the idea to write a gem (as I often do) to wrap elasticsearch with some smart conventions for Active Model. First step: name the gem.

Keep your AWS environments separate with IAM users and groups.

By Jason Roelofs

Amazon’s IAM service lets you restrict and secure access to your AWS data and services to individual users or groups allowing you to have multiple environments (staging, production, etc) under the same AWS account without worry.