May 2015

How to Pluck Like a Rails Pro

By Eric Milford

The pluck method is a performant option to query columns from one or more tables. The ability to pass valid SQL directly makes it all the more handy.

Fixing Intermittent Failing Tests

By Daniel Morrison

Some tricks to help you fix tests that sometimes fail.

Scheduling Crowd-Sourced Entropy with Webhooks

By Steve Richert

I love writing gems. Lately, I’ve been particularly interested in tackling the big, important problems in math, like how can a computer generate a truly random number. I took this challenge head-on when I developed the fair_dice_roll gem.

How to Get Your Server to Email You After it Fails

By Spencer Toth

Running routine tasks like a server health check often sends an email every time it returns healthy. Overtime, they’re easy to ignore. But, what you really need to know is when these email stop sending. Using a new Dead Man’s Snitch feature, you can now easily monitor when an email isn’t sent and DMS will alert you.

Welcome Ray Brown

By Daniel Morrison

We’re very excited to welcome Ray Brown to the Collective Idea family.

Better Ruby Rounding

By Brian Hempel

Need to round to the nearest 30 minutes or up to the next 250 or some other fun rounding case? Ruby’s build-in round, floor, and ceil won’t help you, but the Rounding gem will.