January 2017

Welcome Sasha Wolff

By Daniel Morrison

We’ve added a marketing person to our team!

Welcome Troy Spruit

By Daniel Morrison

We’re very excited to belatedly welcome Troy Spruit to the Collective Idea family.

Hands On With The Maker Movement

By Victoria Gonda

This year we had the opportunity to teach students at Holland Christian High School about the Maker Movement, and how to become involved in it. We had a blast covering 3D modeling and printing, circuits and micro-controllers, robotics, programming, and IoT services.

Containers, Docker, and Kubernetes Part 1

By Jason Roelofs

You’ve heard of Docker and containers but are still not sure if they’re a good fit for your requirements. We take a look at the benefits and concerns of switching to containerized infrastructure.

Testing an Uploaded File in Rspec

By Victoria Gonda

Sometime you need to test how your code handles an uploaded file, but you don’t want to upload it in your test. Luckily, there’s an easy way to handle this.

Turbolinks Caching with JavaScript Modified Dom

By Laura Mosher

Don’t want duplicated markup in your document? There are a few ways to fix that. We’ll go through how to prepare your document for caching with Turbolinks.

An in-depth look at two RailsConf tracks

By Allison McMillan

RailsConf offers an opportunity to submit proposals directly related to specific tracks. Learn more about two of these tracks to get inspired and craft successful proposals.

Cropping Animated GIFs with MiniMagick

By Joshua Kovach

Cropping an animated GIF with crop will continue to use the original image’s canvas size. This cool trick will ensure the cropped image ends up the correct size.

How We Develop Mobile Applications - Pt 3 - iOS

By Chris Rittersdorf

Welcome back for the third post of our blog series on how we build mobile apps at Collective Idea. In the last installment we covered basic project setup. This time, we’ll discuss our first steps in fleshing out the application.